Product packaging 101: Five benefits of vinyl stickers and labels

They say that the secret to a successful business is simple: create a truly excellent product, and your customers will do your marketing for you. To a large extent, that’s true, with one small caveat: before customers can start singing your praises, they need to try your product out in the first place. How do you make sure that happens?

Part of ensuring that a new product flies off the shelves and into customers’ hands is getting your product packaging just right. Your packaging needs to snag shoppers’ attention, communicate your unique selling point, and make your product look appealing, all in a few quick seconds. That’s not all: the right packaging also protects your product, reflects your brand values and CI, and effectively communicates any fine print.

The first step to creating the kind of product packaging capable of achieving all of that is choosing the right materials. Below are five reasons why vinyl stickers are an excellent choice for a wide range of product labels.

  1. Vinyl stickers can incorporate any colours or image and take on any shape or size.

When it comes to sticker design, vinyl stickers are incredibly versatile. Modern vinyl sticker printing technology allows us to create beautiful stickers using any colours, images, fonts, and logos you require. Vinyl stickers can also be cut into any shape, which makes for unique and eye-catching product labels. Clear vinyl stickers and labels are also available. These look especially good on the glass.

  1. Vinyl stickers are durable.

Your product packaging needs to be able to withstand a certain amount of handling and exposure once it leaves your factory. For example, goods are commonly packed into boxes or pallets, loaded into vehicles, unpacked at their destination, and finally packed onto shelves. No matter how careful handlers are, this involves a fair amount of pushing, squeezing, scraping, and bumping. Paper labels are easily damaged and often end up scratched and peeling by the time the customer lays eyes on them. Vinyl labels are much more durable and won’t get scratched as easily. What’s more, vinyl stickers aren’t sensitive to moisture, so if your labels get wet, they won’t become soggy or deteriorate. In fact, vinyl is so durable that it’s commonly used for outdoor signage.

  1. Vinyl stickers are easy to keep clean.

The best labels stand up well to spillages and general dirt. Vinyl labels repel dirt and moisture, won’t stain, and are easy to wipe clean in the case of a spillage.

  1. Vinyl stickers can have a range of finishes.

Most often, vinyl labels and stickers boast a beautifully smooth finish. However, there is a wide range of textured finishes available, from brushed finishes to shiny golds and silvers.

  1. Vinyl stickers are easy to apply and stick to just about anything.

Applying a vinyl label couldn’t be easier. Simply peel your labels from a roll or sheet and smooth them onto your product packaging. Vinyl stickers are easy to peel and stick as they don’t tear easily. They adhere well to various surfaces and materials, including glass, plastic, cardboard, metal, and more.

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